Better representation for Wilkes, Surry, and Alleghany counties.

As a Business Leader, Beth owned and partnered in an international, multi-million dollar life-sciences consulting business that employed over 200 people and ensured that client companies were successful in product operations and bringing life-saving treatments to patients.

As a Problem Solver, Beth led the continued success of her company through the economic turmoil of the “Great Recession” in the 2000s. A proven unifier; she values each individual’s input and contribution. As your representation in the General Assembly, Beth will work for each individual and across the aisle to solve the standstill in Raleigh.

As a Community Servant, Beth has utilized the skills and wisdom instilled in her by her parents. Throughout her adult life she has given back to her community through volunteering and service leadership roles. Contributions through roles like Girl Scout Troop leader, to school volunteer and coach, to serving on various non-profit boards. Beth’s commitment to the community is a top priority.

As a Loving Parent, Beth displays her skill for leadership and diplomacy. Whether running her four children to school, practice, rehearsals, or service organization meetings like Girl Scouts; she takes time to nurture and instill love, a sense of duty, encouragement, and trustworthiness in her family.

As a Community Health & Fitness Advocate, Beth uses her love of running and fitness to display the value of teamwork and community. Whether she is working out with a Crossfit group or organizing the local Habitat for Humanity’s “Habitat Hammer 5K” fundraiser; Beth is focused on growing stronger and healthier communities for everyone.

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